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Matt Brown Show
Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

This Redefining AI Podcast, 23 November 2022

Matt Brown Show

The Third Way Podcast by FosterThinking, October 2022

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

This Anthro Life Podcast, October 2022

Matt Brown Show

Launch Week Live with Social Media Tech Influencer Evan Kirstel

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

The Actionable Futurist Podcast with Andrew Grill

Matt Brown Show

The Tony Durso Show

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

The Anthropology of Innovation, NASSAU RE/IMAGINE Podcast

Matt Brown Show

On the Brink Podcast

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98
DisrupTV, Episode 293
Matt Brown Show

The Matt Brown Show, August 2022

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

The Futurati Podcast, Episode 89

The Incredible Hult Podcast, August 2022

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

The Chris Voss Show, July 2022

The Innovation Show with Aidan McCullen - Act 3, July 2022

The Innovation Show with Aidan McCullen - Act 2, July 2022

The Innovation Show with Aidan McCullen - Act 1, June 2022

Singularity Weblog Byron Reese

Byron Reese on Stories, Dice and Rocks That Think, Singularity Weblog with Nikola Danaylov, July 2022

How Humans Learned to See the Future with Futurist Byron Reese, Future of Business TV, Youtube June 2022

Byron delivers the speech 'Innovating in a Changing World," at #Maxx2020 Northwest Credit Union Association

Byron Keynotes Constellation Research Headliner Disruptor Event, October 26, 2021

Byron Discusses his new book WASTED on DisrupTV.

Byron discusses smart robots, conscious computers, and the future of humanity, and his new book "The Fourth Age," with TWIT's Fr. Robert Ballecer on Triangulation.

Byron Reese joins DisruptTV's hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar for his fifth visit to discuss the future of #AI in 2020.

An interview with Byron on DisrupTV.

Byron's keynote at the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam.

Byron presents "Achieving Greatness Is A Choice," at TEDxAustin.

Byron keynotes at CANHEIT, Canada's National Higher Ed IT Conference, hosted by Queen's University.

Byron speaks about "The Fourth Age," on C-SPAN.

Byron BNN Bloomberg interview

Byron speaks about "The Fourth Age," with ZD Net.

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Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think: How Humans Learned to See the Future — and Shape it. What makes the human mind so unique? And how did we get this way?

Meet Byron

With 25 years as a successful tech entrepreneur, with multiple IPOs and exits along the way, Byron Reese is uniquely suited to comment on the transformative effect of technology on the workplace and on society at large. He writes books that explore the wonders of the world of tomorrow and delights audiences around the world with his vivid and energetic presentations on the future of work and life.

“The biggest problems of tomorrow will not be a lack of jobs but a shortage of humans to take advantage of all of the opportunities technology will offer.” – Byron Reese

AUDIO Podcast and Radio Interviews

Our Own Devices with Nandagopal Rajan

In this episode, host Nandagopal Rajan speaks to tech entrepreneur and author Byron Reese about his latest book “Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think: How Humans Learned to See the Future — and Shape it”. They also get into the philosophy of tech and how technologies can help in imagining the future.

Pulse of AI Podcast

On this podcast I am joined by Byron Reese, to talk about his latest book that just hit the bookshelves titled “Stories, dice, and rocks that think: How humans learned to see the future”.  Byron is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, futurist, and award-winning author.

Unpacking the Digital Shelf: Episode 168

What makes us so darn special from every other species on earth, and what do we do about it? According to author and technologist Byron Reese, in his new book Stories, Dice, and Rocks, it is our ability to imagine the future and recall the past, and, by sharing that knowledge at an unprecedented scale to actually shape our future. Including in commerce. This is a fascinating conversation with a brilliant man with an optimistic view of humanity, backed up by data.

The Futurati Podcast

Whether it's pondering the mysteries of life while watching a sunrise or reasoning in great detail about how a new technology will change the world, there is something unique about the human capacity to imagine the future.

The Digital Executive Podcast

Byron Reese is the author of “Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think,” due out Aug. 16, 2022, “The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity,” and “Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War.” Listen to Byron on the Digital Executive Podcast

Mobile Presence Podcast

Best-Selling Author And Futurist Byron Reese On The Power Of Brand Storytelling

As humans, we are hard-wired to tell and share stories. We also gravitate to brands that tell a compelling story that connects with us on an emotional level. So, how do marketers shape narratives that resonate with their audiences? In episode #471, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Byron Reese, author of the upcoming book Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think. He shares insight into how stories have driven the growth and development of human culture, and he outlines tips on how you can tell stories that persuade your customers to take action.

Byron Reese podcast interview on AI, NICKSAV Film & Music SHOW

An Interview on discussing how artificial intelligence affects our lives, the difference between narrow AI and general AI,  whether being human is something more than a machine,  challenges and philosophical questions raised by advancements in AI, why optimism matters and can make all the difference, and how AI might redefine creative work  LISTEN


Everyday MBA

An Interview with Kevin Craine on Every Day MBA discussing "The Fourth Age", how AI makes humans smarter, and how AI will change the job market.  LISTEN


Nonprophets [Super] Forecasting Podcast

An interview with Atief, Robert, and Scott on the NonProphets podcast discussing "The Fourth age", the skills necessary for an AI filled future, where the fear of what AI will do comes from, and thoughts about consciousness and free will and the implications for robots and AI.  LISTEN

Association Forum

An Interview with Michelle Mason on Association Forum discussing "The Fourth Age", technologies effect on the future of work, the difference between narrow and general AI, and the need to be constantly learning. LISTEN


An Interview with Carla and Tom on Robopsych Podcast discussing "The Fourth Age", the anxiety of technological change, and what makes us human and comparing and contrasting with what AI could be.  LISTEN

The Bad Crypto Podcast

An Interview with Joel and Travis on The Bad Crypto Podcast discussing "The Fourth Age", what is AI and what will it do to our jobs, how will AI and robots be used for war, and how will AI and robots effect our dignity.  LISTEN

Tech it Out with Mark Saltzman

An Interview with Marc Saltzman on Tech It Out discussing "The Fourth Age", what makes us human, and where technology could take us.   LISTEN

The Hoomanist

 An Interview with Simone Salis on The Hoomanist discussing "The Fourth Age", technology multiplying human ability, can AI be creative, and how jobs will shift.  LISTEN

Radio New Zealand

An Interview on Radio New Zealand discussing "The Fourth Age", what we think of ourselves as humans and what that implies for AI, the concept of emergence, and the economic opportunity of AI.  LISTEN

An Interview with James Kotecki on the Kotecki on Tech, discussing "The Fourth Age", the inevitability of technological progress, technological optimism vs pessimism, the disruption of jobs, and conscious computers.  LISTEN

New Books Network

An Interview with Carrie Lynn Evans on the New Books Network, discussing Byron's book "The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity." LISTEN


An Interview on DojoLIVE! by Nearsoft, discussing Byron's book "The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity." WATCH


An Interview on WorkMinus, discussing Byron's thoughts on technology removing dehumanizing jobs, amplifying human productivity and other ideas from Byron's book "The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity." LISTEN

DM Radio

DM Radio and Host Eric Kavanagh - Narrow AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work - Original Air Date: November 29, 2018 The Guests Stefan Groschupf, SalesHero Faisal Abid, Byron Reese, Gigaom Micah Hollingworth,   About the Discussion Hollywood has it all wrong with respect to Artificial Intelligence (AI), at least for now.  LISTEN NOW



“Over the past decade, Reese has quietly pioneered a new breed of media company”
“Byron Reese is typical of the new wave of internet entrepreneurs out to turn the economics of the media industry on its head.”
“Reese is a tall Texan … who created the idea-spawning algorithm that lies at the heart of Demand’s process.”
“In fact, Reese says, good news has been trumping bad for some time: “We’ve cured childhood diseases, ended legal segregation, lengthened the average lifespan and improved the quality of life for millions of people.”

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