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Having served across a wide range of senior management roles, from CEO, to VP of Marketing, to Chief Innovation Officer, Byron possesses a diverse body of patented work, and enjoys talking about the intersection of technology, history and the future to both technical and non-technical audiences around the world.

“Every year the percentage of billionaires who made their own money as opposed to inheriting it, goes up. Google and Facebook alone minted 12 new billionaires between them. That’s the power of the technology. It is now easier than ever for those with modest means and a great idea to reach the entire world.” – Byron Reese


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Matt Brown Show
Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98
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Matt Brown Show

The Matt Brown Show, August 2022

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

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The Incredible Hult Podcast, August 2022

Byron Reese Interview, the Futurati Podcast Episode 98

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Singularity Weblog Byron Reese

Byron Reese on Stories, Dice and Rocks That Think, Singularity Weblog with Nikola Danaylov, July 2022

How Humans Learned to See the Future with Futurist Byron Reese, Future of Business TV, Youtube June 2022

Byron delivers the speech 'Innovating in a Changing World," at #Maxx2020 Northwest Credit Union Association

Byron Keynotes Constellation Research Headliner Disruptor Event, October 26, 2021

Byron Discusses his new book WASTED on DisrupTV.

Byron discusses smart robots, conscious computers, and the future of humanity, and his new book "The Fourth Age," with TWIT's Fr. Robert Ballecer on Triangulation.

Byron Reese joins DisruptTV's hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar for his fifth visit to discuss the future of #AI in 2020.

An interview with Byron on DisrupTV.

Byron's keynote at the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam.

Byron presents "Achieving Greatness Is A Choice," at TEDxAustin.

Byron keynotes at CANHEIT, Canada's National Higher Ed IT Conference, hosted by Queen's University.

Byron speaks about "The Fourth Age," on C-SPAN.

Byron BNN Bloomberg interview

Byron speaks about "The Fourth Age," with ZD Net.

Big Ideas

Byron on SantaMail.org

“When I was a kid, my parents always wrote me a letter from Santa, which was magic to me. Went I had children, I wanted to do something like that as well. Then I realized all parents probably would as well. So I started what I think was the first Letters from Santa business, SantaMail.org. You fill out an online form, and we mail a letter from North Pole, Alaska to your child. It was one of the few things I did that was instant success, and we have sold over half a million of them in total.”

Byron on HappyNews.com

“People tend to overestimate the chances of something bad happening to them, like getting murdered. I think this has to do with the “If it bleeds, it leads” media culture, amped up to 24×7. I believed that a news site to balance that out would be a great success. So I started HappyNews.com, which reported positive, upbeat news. Everyone told me that ‘You can’t make money off of happy news.’ It turns out they were right. Although we had a large audience, the site bled money. I’m now thinking of relaunching it, however. It’s an idea that I still believe in.”

Byron on ExpertVillage.com

“When it became obvious that dial-up Internet would be replaced by broadband, I immediately decided to bet big on Internet video. I knew people would rather watch something than read it, because more people watched TV than read newspapers. So, even before there was a YouTube, I started making videos. I hired 3000 freelance filmmakers to make 120,000 videos under the brand Expert Village.  One day Google bought YouTube and video was the hottest thing out there, and I had the largest library in the world. So I sold that company, and even today, the Expert Village channel on YouTube has billions of views, twice as many, in fact, as Kanye has.”

Recent Media

Interview with The Huffington Post: The Power of Artificial Intelligence is to Make Better Decisions

Technomics Radio Show on KGO 810: Automation Innovation with Byron Reese Part 1

Technomics Radio Show on KGO 810: Automation Innovation with Byron Reese Part 2

“Over the past decade, Reese has quietly pioneered a new breed of media company.”
“Reese is a tall Texan who serves as Demand’s chief innovation officer and who created the idea-spawning algorithm that lies at the heart of Demand’s process.”
“Reese’s credo is simple: ‘News should give you an accurate view of the world.’ He may have hit a nerve.”
“[He] seems like a kooky — and awesome — guy. We’d love to buy him a beer.”
“The key to Reese’s success is organization.”
“Byron Reese is typical of the new wave of internet entrepreneurs out to turn the economics of the media industry on its head.”
“In fact, Reese says, good news has been trumping bad for some time: “We’ve cured childhood diseases, ended legal segregation, lengthened the average lifespan and improved the quality of life for millions of people.”

Various Publications

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Deep Dive Into AI: Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Deep Dive Into AI: Limits of AI


National Geographic

"How We Will Age Within 20 Years" by Byron Reese

Korn Ferry Institute Report - "Artificial Intelligence: Competitor or Partner"

A World of Inspiration

"A World of Inspiration," by Byron Reese

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