According to “The Terminator,” in 2018…

The Series 800 Terminator robot is activated for the first time.

Will the robots take over? Will we be their pets? Will we compete with them? Will they be smarter than us?


All of these fears are based on an idea that robots are the same thing as we are. Some day we will have the technology to build a machine that looks like us and talks like us. We will build a computer that can calculate a billion times faster than the human brain. And it will be programmed with sublime sophistication. It will have mechanical limbs that make it vastly stronger than you. It will have a power source that makes it last a thousand years. It will have sensors that let it perceive far more than you. But even if we build this computer someday, it will still be just a hunk of metal. It will still be more like a pencil sharpener than like life. It will not be alive. It will be neither man nor superman. It will never reason; it will simply run its deterministic program. It will not have free will. It will not be conscious. It will not know if the joke is funny.

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