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The Canadian statesman Douglas Everett once said, “There are some people who live in a dream world, and some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” This well could be a description of Byron Reese, who has an uncanny knack for seeing the future and seeing how to profit from it as well.

As both a successful serial entrepreneur as well as an award-winning futurist, Byron Reese is able to balance two very different perspectives. As a futurist, he understands the tumultuous pathway before us as unprecedented technological change triggers a dramatic transformation of society. And as a entrepreneur, he knows how to profit from this change while still meeting the shorter term obligations which are the practical reality of operating a business.

Addressing audiences across the globe, Byron brings great enthusiasm and talent for deciphering our common destiny and unlocking business opportunities within it. Byron’s keynotes and appearances include the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam, SXSW, the TEDx Austin, Wolfram Data Summit, Spartina, and the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, among others.

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Talk title: Big Profits from Big Change

Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid, said, “We live in a world changing so rapidly that what we mean frequently by common sense is doing the thing that would have been right last year.”

He said that in 1959.

Now we live in a world being transformed by technology so dramatically that existing business processes – even basic ways of thinking about business – are becoming obsolete.

While traditional futurists seldom bridge gap between “here is what is going to happen” and “here is how you profit immensely from it,” Byron Reese, with his track record as a successful serial entrepreneur, does exactly that.

In this groundbreaking talk, Reese explores how it is that radical technology advance creates new multi-billion dollar companies, and destroys old ones.


    • How to tell which technologies really are transformative, and which ones are just fads.
    • How organizations of all sizes can succeed in a high-change environment, even if they don’t have a history of doing so in the past.
    • What are the four super trends that will change all business, and how to profit from them.

Talk title: Thriving in Chaos: A Guide for the Bold

The history of business, in almost any industry, generally follows the same basic outline: Disruptive technological advance followed by a long period of time with very little change. Textiles, munitions, computers, glassware, transportation, you name it – this story is told again and again throughout history.

No matter what industry you are in, you probably have a sense that you are in one of those radical disruptive periods where everything seems to be changing. You might be wondering when it is all going to settle down so you can take a bit of a breather.

It is not going to happen. The chaos is here to stay.

This has happened because the rate of technological advance in so many fields has grown so much that they now have compounding effect on each other. Our ability to manipulate the world around us grows ever faster. We can alter DNA, rearrange atoms, sort through unfathomable amounts of data, perform calculations almost instantaneous.ly. All sorts of things that used to be constants in our world are now being remade.

This talk explores how businesses that operate in industries that are undergoing dramatic changes can function and be successful.


      • What three things have companies which have been successful on both sides of a DCE (dramatic change event) have in common?
      • How do you plan, forecast, and act decisively in a world where your fundamental assumptions are changing?
      • The two key ways to spot the new opportunities that the chaos brings you.

Talk Title: The Next Seven Years

Knowing what is going to happen in the very short term is pretty easy. Interestingly, knowing what is going to happen in the distant future is also relatively easy. The trajectory of huge, unmovable trends can be projected with a fair amount of certainty.

Businesses usually have the very short term covered. And what is going to happen in the distant future isn’t really actionable for most companies.

But what about the next seven years? How will that unfold?

What would you have foreseen seven years ago? There was no iPad. The iPhone itself was just released about seven years ago. Would you have seen the transformative effect that tablets and smartphones would have? Seven years ago, Facebook had less than a hundred million users. Would you have predicted that it would top a billion in seven years?

The next seven years will have much more change than the prior seven years. We know this. And this is the change we need to begin preparing for.


      • Technology: What are the four big winners and three big losers over the next seven years?
      • Society: What demographic and societal changes will we see over the next seven years and how can you position your company to profit from them?
      • What are the three key things to watch for that signal sudden, imminent change?

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What Others Say

      • It was a pleasure having Byron Reese on our campus. Not only was his presentation to nearly 400 faculty stimulating and well-received, he also was personable and generous with his time in discussing ideas with faculty before and after the presentation. Byron’s visionary approach and dynamic style provided an instant connection to the audience.
      • Byron’s talk was spectacular. He took the time to speak with me in advance about our event and crafted a presentation that perfectly fit our theme. He kept the audience engaged throughout the presentation both through the thought provoking topics he discussed as well as the visual images he included. On top of all this, he was exceptionally easy to work with before, during and after his presentation. He truly made my job easier..
      • Byron was an absolute hit and everyone truly enjoyed hearing his insights on the intersection of history, technology and our future. His passion and energy on the subject matter is unmatched! Further, we greatly appreciated all of the time he spent with our team and guests.
      • Byron presents his vision of the future: humanity advancing subconsciously via our seamless integration with technology. Every heartbeat becomes a data point bringing us one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of humankind. Every person’s life contributes to the greater good, simply through the act of living. I found his talk to be highly enthusiastic, visually engaging, and hopeful.
      • Byron delivered a fabulous keynote presentation at our signature annual event. His speech was thought-provoking, engaging, and uplifting. I heard many, many compliments from guests.
      • Infinite Progress is a prophetic book that deserves to be widely read.
Drawing on Byron Reese’s insights about both technology and history, its energetic optimism about the future is a wonderful inspiration.

Selected 2015 Talks & Keynotes

  • “The Possibility of Human Immortality” – SXSW Interactive
  • “Thriving in Chaos: A Guide for the Bold” – Johnson & Johnson annual innovation event
  • “How Technology Is Changing Us” –  AHP Big Ideas conference
  •  “The Future of Education” – Texas Chief Academic Officers Association annual meeting
  • “Through the Looking Glass and Beyond”  – 15th Annual MPI MidAmerica Education Conference
  • “The Shape of the World to Come” – Praetorian corporate retreat
  • “The World of Tomorrow” – Keep Austin Agile annual conference
  • “Big Profits from Big Change”  – IDI shareholders meeting
  • “The Next Seven Years” – Association for High Technology Distribution annual meeting