Infinite Progress:
"Infinite Progress is a prophetic book that deserves to be widely read. Drawing on Byron Reese's insights about both technology and history, its energetic optimism about the future is a wonderful inspiration."

In this bold new book,

Byron Reese makes the case that the gloom-and- doom pessimists have it all wrong. This objective look at the trajectory of history, technology, and civilization shows that we are about to enter a great new epoch of human existence, a golden age like we have never seen; a world free of ignorance, disease, poverty, hunger, and war. Reese maintains that this is no baseless hope. Rather, it is all but a certainty, which will manifest itself sooner than we expect.

"This is a valuable book – an antidote to the harmful gloom and moralizing that pervades most discussions of the future, and a beacon showing us the paths we should take.”