Coming Events

Gigaom AI Workshop Comes to San Francisco (6/1/17), Boston (6/20/17) and Austin(6/29/17)

This June, Byron will be joined by Christopher Morhitz as they present one-day Gigaom workshops in San Francisco, Boston and Austin. This event is for business leaders seeking to make sense of all the possibilities with AI and the dizzying array of competing platforms. Attendees will receive a hands-on introduction to AI that will deliver a working knowledge of what can be done with cloud-based AI offerings from IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others. This workshop is ideal for managers of all levels. Learn more.

Past Talks & Keynotes

“Achieving Greatness is a Choice” – TEDx

“The Possibility of Human Immortality” – SXSW Interactive

“Thriving in Chaos: A Guide for the Bold” – Johnson & Johnson annual innovation event

“The Great Disconnect” – The Picnic Festival

“How Technology Is Changing Us” – AHP Big Ideas conference

“Golden Age of Humanity,” – National Association of Broadcasters

“Big Data and the Coming Golden Age of Humanity” – IEEE Humanitarian Technology Conference

“Medicine In an Age of Wonders” – The Dallas County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation

“The Future of Education” – Texas Chief Academic Officers Association annual meeting

“Through the Looking Glass and Beyond” – 15th Annual MPI MidAmerica Education Conference

“The Shape of the World to Come” – Praetorian corporate retreat

“The World of Tomorrow” – Keep Austin Agile annual conference

“Big Profits from Big Change” – IDI shareholders meeting

“The Next Seven Years” – Association for High Technology Distribution annual meeting

Request a list of talk synopses, or to invite Byron to speak at your next event, email or call 310-903-1971. Learn more About Byron.