Author, Futurist, Technologist, Speaker

Author Byron Reese is excited to present his new book, “Infinite Progress: How Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War.” An optimistic futurist, with articles published online as well as in literary and scientific journals, Byron explores the intersection of history, technology and the future.

Byron’s enthusiasm and talent for deciphering our common destiny is overshadowed only by his inspiring sense of optimism. Media outlets, such as Leo Laporte (Twit.TV), Wired Magazine, Washington Post, and The Renegade Economist, feature his projects and perspectives. While leading conferences, including the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam, TEDx and SXSW, invite Byron to speak, keynote and serve as a panelist.

Selected 2015 Published Articles

Selected 2015 Talks & Keynotes

  • “The Possibility of Human Immortality” – SXSW Interactive
  • “Thriving in Chaos: A Guide for the Bold” – Johnson & Johnson annual innovation event
  • “How Technology Is Changing Us” –  AHP Big Ideas conference
  •  “The Future of Education” – Texas Chief Academic Officers Association annual meeting
  • “Through the Looking Glass and Beyond”  – 15th Annual MPI MidAmerica Education Conference
  • “The Shape of the World to Come” – Praetorian corporate retreat
  • “The World of Tomorrow” – Keep Austin Agile annual conference
  • “Big Profits from Big Change”  – IDI shareholders meeting
  • “The Next Seven Years” – Association for High Technology Distribution annual meeting