Art Nouveau

This Art Nouveau interior was designed by Alphonse Mucha in 1900 for the Parisian jeweler, Georges Fouquet. The interior has been reconstructed in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris to preserve its beauty and artistic importance.

Art Nouveau combined the decorative arts with organic forms. In contrast to Art Deco, Art Nouveau’s embodiment of beauty was in nature, not technology. This was an age that attempted to make technology beautiful, as people always do, and its ideal of beauty was to be found in organic forms. I think we are seeing a bit of this with the green movement and our efforts to make man-made objects coexist in harmony with natural forms. I know our motives are a bit different, but at its core, it is a love of nature.

I write elsewhere on this site about Art Deco, a later movement which sees beauty as the embodiment of progress and technological forms. The fact we see beauty in both nature and progress tells us something about ourselves.

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