According to the original “Star Trek” series, in 2243…

Dr. Richard Daystrom invents duotronics, the basis for the computer systems used aboard the Enterprise and other Starfleet vessels.

Hey, I like Star Trek as much as the next guy. It’s a good show! But like most predictions of the future, it was right in some areas and wrong in others. Let’s look at what they got right. In the future, people will still eat, walk on two legs, and talk to each other. That’s about it.

The computers they predicted… well, not so much. How is it with computers and sensors, they still manually aim the phasers at targets and miss? How can you miss with weapons that move at the speed of light? Interestingly, they seem to have lost the technology for “the fuse” and “the circuit breaker” because equipment on the bridge is always exploding when they are in battle.

How is it that they could not envision a keyboard to enter data? It was already around in 1965. Why a bunch of buttons? Why were they all unlabeled? Why did they plot the course manually? Why not tell the computer where they wanted to go? GPS already does that, over two centuries ahead of schedule.

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