According to “Star Trek,” by 2113…

War, disease and famine are all gone by this time. Given that I just finished writing a book that predicts the end of ignorance, disease, famine, war, and poverty, this date is interesting to me. While I usually avoid predicting exact dates, I will go on record to say that I think “Star Trek” is too pessimistic on this one. I think it will happen before then. The reason I believe this is that these are fundamentally technological problems. Disease is simply a matter of technology. We have ended a couple of diseases, so it is theoretically possible to end them all. Famine and poverty are just technology problems. While war is not a technological problem, technology will help bring about its end.

It will all happen soon because the rate of technical change is ever accelerating. Moore’s Law doesn’t just describe the rate of technical change, but the rate of the effect of that change. It is an exciting time to be alive.

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