What Others Say

  • … this audiobook is packed with so many great facts, anecdotes, and sideways perspectives–if the Internet were a person, it wouldn’t be old enough to buy a beer–that you’ll find yourself quoting from it at the next water cooler gathering. Narrator Grover Gardner’s trademark gravitas, tempo changes–he speeds up slightly to read a question, then gradually slows to answer–and confident, jaunty baritone make his the perfect voice to present this reasoned look at what could be the future. Highly recommended for both cynics and optimists.
  • Infinite Progress is a prophetic book that deserves to be widely read.
Drawing on Byron Reese’s insights about both technology and history, its energetic optimism about the future is a wonderful inspiration.
  • Byron presents his vision of the future: humanity advancing subconsciously via our seamless integration with technology. Every heartbeat becomes a data point bringing us one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of humankind. Every person’s life contributes to the greater good, simply through the act of living. I found his talk to be highly enthusiastic, visually engaging, and hopeful.
  • As the closing speaker at the Wolfram Data Summit, Byron Reese was not something the conference expected. Byron took the audience for a ride into his future. As an astrophysicist and a data scientist I often think about the future, but I was struck about Byron’s precise dissection of how our future is and will be determined by the data that is already starting to shape our lives: our self-generated data. Byron’s vibrant and precise delivery painted in everyone’s mind a picture of the positive future we all thought was likely but perhaps unreachable. Byron dared everyone, including himself, to make this future possible, and led us on a journey of discovery we never wanted to end.
  • Over the past decade, Reese has quietly pioneered a new breed of media company”
  • Reese is a tall Texan who serves as Demand’s chief innovation officer and who created the idea-spawning algorithm that lies at the heart of Demand’s process.
  • Byron Reese is typical of the new wave of internet entrepreneurs out to turn the economics of the media industry on its head.